Tata Tertib Madrasah


  1. Come to madrasah fifteen minute before the bell rings
  2. Familiarize the ablution guard
  3. In the gate door says greeting while shaking hands and kissing hand at the officer
  4. Entering the local area of Madrasah using the complete attribute in accordance with the provisions
  5. Directly enter the class for the students grade 1 and 2
  6. Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 entering the mosque in holy state
  7. Grade 7, 8 and 9 directly entering the class
  8. While in the mosque, it is a must to keep adab in the mosque
  9. Read asmaulhusna in the mosque
  10. Istighosah, dzikr, read sholawat, dhuha prayer and tahfid Al-Quran
  11. Students in the classroom must follow the whole process of learning seriously
  12. During in madrasah, communication with everyone should be with English
  13. Keep clothes from being unclean
  14. Keep the class clean
  15. Not throwing rubbish anywhere
  16. Not striking out the stools, seat with any stationary
  17. Do not damage the classrooms’ walls
  18. Do not leave dirt and smell in bathroom and toilet
  19. Maintain the conduciveness of the class
  20. Eating and drinking while sitting
  21. Not talking while eating and drinking
  22. Arranging shoes and sandals in mosque courtyard neatly and regularly
  23. Not playing that endangers to oneself  and others
  24. At break time is not allowed to play in the classroom
  25. Forbidden to bring mobile phone in Madrasah except there is an instruction of educator
  26. Forbidden to bring motorcycle to Madrasah
  27. Forbidden to buy food, snack and toys on the street or near the local area of Madrasah
  28. After school time still waiting for the pick-up in Madrasah
  29. Take advantage of the rest and waiting time by reading the holy Qur’an or reading book
  30. Development of spiritual competence
    • Starting fourth grade must perform tahajud prayer every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • Performing congregation prayer with parents or in mosques or mushollah
    • The assessment of adab to parents or older and caring for the younger
    • Islamic behavior in home and community
    • Reading holy Qur’an with tartil in Madrasah and home
    • Memorizing Al-Qur’an through learning tahfid in school and murojaah at home
  31. Development of social competence
    • Maintaining a sense of unity when in Madrasah, in home and society
    • Sharing knowledge through peer learning process it is proven by uploading the activities in social media weekly
    • Share the treasure to the needy especially when there is disaster and distress to other
    • Fostering entrepreneurial spirit with the model of selling food in Madrasah that rotate each day per class
  32. Development of knowledge competence
    • Doing presentation in every lesson
    • Helping friends who have difficulty in learning and left behind the lesson
    • Active Communicating in English in class and local area of Madrasah
    • Making wall magazine every month with predefined themes
    • Attend and active sharing the knowledge in exhibition event
    • Selection of the best learners in each month
  33. Development of skills competence
    • Making daily paper
    • Presenting daily paper
    • Making weekly paper
    • Compiling weekly paper
  34. Forbidden smoking as long as it is recorded as a learner both conventional cigarette and electric cigarette/ vapor
  35. Forbidden to drink alcohol including unlawful meals and drinks during recorded as learners
  36. Forbidden to use or even distribute drugs while recorded as a learners
  37. Forbidden to speak dirty/ disrespectful on social media
  38. Forbidden indulgence in hate speech in social media/ like/ spread especially SARA
  39. Forbidden to show off Aurat in social media
  40. Forbidden to open pornographic and porno-action content and spread it